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The FNGA co-organized the Climate Summit of the Argentine Youth, together with Fridays For Future Argentina

From Friday 3 to Sunday 5 of September,  Rosario became the National Headquarters of the Youth Climate Summit (L-COY).  280 young people signed up after 3 days of the summit, with 4 physical venues, 7 panels, more than 40 exhibitors and 40 partners.  

The objective: To value and raise the voices of the youth of our country in the matter of climate and ecological crisis.

As Fundación Nueva Generación, it has been a joy to be able to articulate and work together with the youths that are transforming the present and the future. We assume the responsibility of co-organizing and coordinating the panels developed at the Faculty of Law (UNR), a house of higher studies with which we have a long history of institutional ties and whom we recognize not only for their hospitality but for their commitment and excellent work. on the subject.

We gathered and summoned panelists of the highest level in the same place, who had managed to perfectly convey the situation of reality in our country in terms of:
  Climate Justice and Environmental Law , Decarbonization and Environmental Crimes .



❖ Horacio Allende Rubino - Judge,  Professor of Agrarian Law, Environmental Law.
❖ Andrés Nápoli - FARN.
❖ Marlene Diedrich - Academic Director of Environmental Law at FNGA.
❖ Máximo Mazzocco - Founder of the environmental NGO Eco House Global.
❖ Nicolás Ferrucci - NGO Capibará.

Moderator: Diego Sueiras - President FNGA




❖ Dr. Pablo Lanza - Prosecutor, Professor UNR Law. 
❖ Gabriel Savino - Ombudsman in Santa Fe.
❖ Estanislao Giavedonni - Prosecutor
  Public Ministry of the Accusation.
❖ Dr. Anabel Marconi Czop and Dr. Pablo Llanes - Multisectorial Humedales.
❖ Federico Pellegrino - Eco House Global, Leader in the Department of Research and Socio-Environmental Policy.

Moderator: Isabella Di Biassi, climate activist at FridaysForFuture CABA.


❖ Arch. Natalia Feldman -
  Net-Zero Director (FNGA) and Managing Partner at Lowilab. 
❖ Luciano Caratori - Researcher, Center for Studies on Global Climate Change, Torcuato Di Tella Foundation.
❖ Ignacio Arraña - Ecologist Workshop and
  Energy and Sustainability Observatory (UTN Rosario)
❖ Marcelo Álvarez, president of the Argentine Chamber of Renewable Energies (CADER)
❖ Mariano Villares - Co-founder and General Director of Sustainability Without Borders.
❖ Carlos Tanides - Head of the Wildlife Environment and Energy program

Moderator: Javier Gomez Insausti - Director of the Environmental Engineering degree at UCA Rosario

Each panel concluded with a workshop where the young people collectively wrote their reflections and conclusions to be included.  in the Youth Climate Declaration that will be sent to the Conference of the Parties - COP26, in Glasgow, United Kingdom with the aim of being taken into account by global leaders when carrying out climate negotiations. Local authorities were present at his reading, on Sunday, September 5, on the esplanade of the national monument to the flag and gave a few words during the closing of the summit:

  • The National Director of Climate Change, of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation; Ing. Florence

  • The Undersecretary of Climate Change of the Province of Santa Fe, Eng. Marcelo Gallini

  • The mayor of the city of Rosario, Dr. Pablo Javkin


Opening Ceremony by the Dean of the Faculty of Law (UNR) Hernán, Mercedes Esperón, representative of the British Embassy in Argentina, Diego Sueiras, President of FNGA and Ma. Cecilia Quaglino, climate activist from Fridays For Future Argentina.

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